Dub Fi Youth, The Youth & Truth Defender

Dub Fi Youth is a militant roots reggae soundsystem that works through the inspiration of Jah Rastafari.
As the youths of today will be the men of tomorrow, Dub Fi Youth strives to teach them truths and rights through the medium of Word, Sound and Power.

The musical core consists of 6 persons:
– Bredda Kaleb aka Bredda Sil (operator and selector)
– Ubuntu Dread (operator and selector)
– Rudy Roots aka Lidj I (MC and deejay)
– Smurf (Raggamuffin DJ)
– TC (singer)
– Sista Fien (Ilodica)

Yet there is a crew of people working behind the scenes as well Fré aka Fred (sound system builder and truck driver), Deff Jeff , Umberto (aka Marabunta Generation),…

Respecting a tradition that was started in the 50’s, Dub Fi Youth built their own sound system late 2010: Youth & Truth Sound System.
With their own equipment and stacks of records, they bring a profound sound system experience, focusing on the message within the music.
Whether country or town, Jah music have to spread all around.

Let Jah be praised.

***Booking / Contact / Info ***

email = fredrikvlamynck@gmail.com / derudder09@gmail.com