DJ EMPRESS ANJAHLA BOSS, and CEO of Empress Anjahla Promotions www.empressanjahlapromotions.com can Disc Jockey and has aired on many radio stations, Dee Jay at her own venues and is a Self independent international Dee Jay that can kill sound, a female engineer to run or host radio shows, promote and provide kon krete support for dancehall events for various artists and sound systems via internet flyers ustreamtv, or radio internationally around the world in the music industry. DJ Empress Anjahla comes from a strong family from the old school of the music business, and a family full of lawyers and teachers, and family with an entrepreneurial spirit surveing on their own ideas . From the 80’s till now, DJ Empress Anjahla has played music and has been smashing clubs worldwide and has better known as a international DJ.

This native New Yorker has toured all over Europe and Asia many times & has also played almost every major city in South America mostly in Panama, Jamaica. Anjahla is also known in London & was a regular at the clubs in Brixton from over 10 years seen at big sound clash dances with some of the best legendary sound systems and British Jamaican artist in London . She has also toured all over Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico and has been seen and photographed with her reggae artist friends and mostly with her favorite cousins having a great time with music and friends also in the United States in Brooklyn at block parties, and has recently been seen running venues in the Bronx reggae style running the bar, the door, and the DJ Booth, and the venues with live reggae artist and bands. Her music has been played and heard on major radio stations especially in NY and through internet – all over the world ! . DJ Empress Anjahla has been behind a few mixes heard in her star friends reggae music and remains to stay behind the scenes of the music as she is very modest in her works. Empress Anjahla is her own manager for many have found it very difficult to manage her bossy attitude that she became the CEO of her very own company. In Production Engineering the credits include a unbelievable list of works Dee Jay Empress Anjahla has done .My cousin works from the heart for all those who worked or knows how she operates in the studio on the mixing boards, the venues, club doors, Dee Jay booth and bar. for those who don”t know Dj Empress Anjahla is a veteran DJ, Producer who’s devotion to music, revered sets and relentless ambition has sustained her esteemed and global reputation non bragging as as she knows who she is though secretive ,quiet and modest my cousin is really a down to earth person who loves music. Last scene running a venue in PA juggling on Bodyrock Sound with soundkilling Jermaine with several veteran reggae artist Junior Cat Little Demus Tilly Beng Beng Stephen Souza Kapri DJ Bandit DJ Patrick and DJ Gemini at former Club Horizon, last seen on stage at club Amazura with friends at the Supercat and the Cautious Band from Jamaica…