DJ Papalotl aka Buttahfly is a multi-media artist where her first and foremost passion is mixing music of all eclectic styles; her dj specialty: Reggae Roots and Dancehall. In 1995, after living a year as a university student in Jamaica, a dj friend suggested that she take her love of Reggae music to the next level by schooling her on how to cut and mix on Technics 1200’s. Since then, DJ Papalotl has taken her turntable skills into clubs, festivals, cultural, political and music gigs, art exhibits, theatre and comedy shows bringing a unique groovy flavor to any event that she’s called upon to play.

Shinehead (born Carl Aiken, or Edmund Aiken) is a Jamaican reggae singer/toaster/rapper.
He began his music career by performing for different New York reggae dancehall sound systems in the 1980s, most notably Tony Screw’s Downbeat the Ruler, based in The Bronx. His best known single was the cover version of Sting’s “Englishman In New York”, re-titled as “Jamaican In New York” (1993). It reached #30 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1993. The single featured on the Sidewalk University album. He is largely credited as being one of the original acts to cross hip-hop with reggae music.